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Illescas is situated in a privileged area, it is 35 km from Madrid and 35 km from Toledo, 30 km from Aranjuez and 25 km from Chinchón.

The stretch nº 9 of Don Quixote Route crosses by here.

This route starts in Esquivias, where Cervantes get married with Miss “Catalina de Palacios”, whose document is kept.

The route continues to Illescas where you can visit the “Torre Mudéjar” of Santa María Church, “Nuestra Sra. De la Caridad” sanctuary with “El Greco” famous pictures and “El Arco de Ugena”.

The route finishes in Carranque, where you can visit “The Arqueologic Park”, a significant example of Spain in the 4th century. Here, it is important to mention “La Villa de Materno” and “La Basílica paleocristiana”.


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