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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Complejo París site. The information provided through this web is for general informational purposes only. Please, read carefully before using this website. By accessing this web you have understood this legal advice. If you do not agree with the legal notice, you cannot use or access this web site.

Complejo París promises to fulfill in force legislation on data and ”15/99 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal de 13 de diciembre Law”.

According to this Policy, Complejo París informs customers the following terms:

Complejo París, improving the trade cooperation and managing the daily requirements of our customers, will treat the personal data you provide for the purposes below.

Complejo París informs that the files are its responsibility and they are registered in “Registro General de la Agencia de Protección de Datos”.

Complejo París informs that the customer an exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation through the contact form.

Complejo París informs the customers about the purposes for collecting the personal data in this website.

Contact Form

If the applicant fills in the contact form, authorizes his personal data to be used by the reservations platform in order to offer products and services and improve business relations with our customers.

Complejo París ensure the adoption of the necessary measures for preserving the confidential use of customer. If the customer is not agree, please contact to Complejo París Customer Service.

On line reservations

Providing reservation form, every applicant accepts that his personal data will be treated for the purpose of proceeding to make the requested reservation. In addition, the customer is informed that his personal data and the booking general data will be transferred to reservations companies.

Complejo París will not disclose personal data to other companies except as referred in the paragraph above.

Complejo París ensure that personal data will treat the User's personal data confidentially, and that the server that will store and process such data, is equipped with the necessary security measures to prevent access.

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